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Paramaribo (Suriname)

Sighted on Friday 10. January 2003
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 45 sec

I saw somting last night, when i was stargazing . I live in south amerika, in the neigberhood of the capitole and have a big yard 20 acres.It was about eight o clock ,usully i stargaze at about ten but there was a movie comming on that i wanted to see. I was gazing, zooming,and magnifiing. when i noticed two raterly bright lights slowly moving ,no sound but it looked raterly large. but then i looked with my eyes and saw it was very close lets say 3000 cm. I froze and kept looking it was stil moving. i thougt take a picture. but i could not move i was shocked and scared. and when i finally wanted to aim my scope at it and take a picture it disapeared. I was shaky when i went back in to my house and told my parents they did not say they dont beleave me but the did not say that they did. tried to tell some peaple but they told me if you dont have pictures you've got noting but i do beleave it was somting. i did not think that it was a ufo but as the night went on i started to think maby ?

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