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Fort Smith, AR

Sighted on Friday 24. January 2003
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: about 1 minute

Red light in skyMy parents and brothers fiance was fixing to leave to go get some Ice Cream. When they left about 0 seconds later tey rang the door bell many times. I opened the door and it was my mom saying get out side quick. I ran out and my mom said look at the light. It was a red circle in the sky that was not to high but not to low and it was jerk side to side vertical an horizontally. It was not jerking to fast and it would not move to far when it did jerk. Abou 50 secondslater it did whati tink was a qucik u turn and took off as if something was moving toget away as if it had somewhere to go. It wasvery fast. My parents drove one way and me and my girlfriend drove the other way to see if we couldnt see what it was, it whent in the opisite direction of te airport. Then afte that we seen about 7 airplanes fying around in the sky, Ft.smith airport aint busy, and never had that many airplanes around at once.

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