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Sudbury (Canada), ON

Sighted on Sunday 02. February 2003
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Shape: Light | Duration: 1 minute

blinking light moving very fast across the sky , faster than jets do and satellites don't have strobe lightsI often look at the night sky with binoculars. It was very clear this evening and not to cold so my wife and I went out to look at the stars. We do this quite regularily and are getting to know the constellations fairly well. I saw a blinking light through my binoculars and followed it for a few seconds before pointing it out. We often track satelites but this was diferent. It had a blinking light, and was moving very quick. I first spotted it between the constelation Orion and Pleiades and it travelled straight as an arrow towards the big dipper then continued out of site. I frequently watch passenger jets as they fly across the sky but this was moving much faster. I do not think you would expect to see a stobe light on a jet at 30,000 feet, definately not as bright as this one.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Sudbury (Canada), ON 2012-11-15 Oval 5 minutes
Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) 2012-11-12 Sphere 03:30:00
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French River, Ontario (Canada) 2005-08-25 Sphere 00:03:00
Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) 2005-08-16 N, A 00:00:01
Greater Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) 2005-07-27 Undisclosed 00:05:00
Liveley (Canada), ON 2004-10-17 Other 30.min.+
Henvey Island (Canada), ON 2004-07-29 Triangle 1 minute
Massey (Canada), ON 2004-07-09 Light 30 seconds
Val Caron (Canada), ON 2004-05-11 Light approx:.5 minutes
Sudbury (Canada), ON 2002-07-09 Rectangle one minute
Sudbury (Canada), ON 1999-12-31 Circle 5 min
Sudbury (Canada), ON 1999-11-20 Cylinder 1:30
Sudbury (Canada), ON 1999-11-20 Sphere 5 mins
Ontraio (Province of Eastern) (Canada), ON 1999-02-24 Fireball ?
Sudbury (south of) (Canada), ON 1998-10-30 Cone 4 hrs
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Val Caron (Canada), ON 1974-11-15 Cylinder 10 mins
Greater Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) 1959-07-31 Bullet, Missile Undisclosed
Espanola (Canada), ON 1951-03-15 Cigar 15 seconds
Sudbury (Hwy 69 south of) (Canada), ON Changing 30 minutes