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Winnipeg (Canada), MB

Sighted on Friday 24. January 2003
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 30 min

I was on my balcony having a smoke, and happened to look to the North East. Thats when I say 3 objects movine across the sky towards the south. They were in a triange formation, and rotating around each other. Then a 4th appeard and they broke formation, then 2 disapeared. and there was only 2 left.I called my brother to come look, i though i was too late, i thought they were all gone..then to my suprise, they kept coming, first one at a time, then 4 at a time, then six, all together i counted 16.All of them came from the NortEastern horizion and headed south. They looked like firworks at first, when they took off from the north, strait up in the air, but then when they took off to the south, i knew at once that they were not fireworks. We thought maybe they were jets.but no sound of jet engines could be here, even at time when there were 6 in the sky at one time.I have been checking web sites all over to see if anyone else saw what i saw.There was also a single engine air plane that seem to be trying to chase the objects.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Caron st st jean baptiste 2023-08-30 Light 60 seconds
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2020-04-27 Triangle 00:00:06
Teulon, Manitoba (Canada) 2020-03-10 Circle 01:20:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2019-12-31 Circle 00:00:15
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2019-12-14 Cigar 00:20:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2019-12-11 Cigar 10:15:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2019-11-21 Star-like 24:00:00
Saint Laurent, Manitoba (Canada) 2019-08-03 Disc 00:00:10
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2019-06-27 Sphere 24:00:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2019-02-14 Unknown
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-10-21 Unknown
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-10-01 Oval 00:00:01
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-09-30 Circle
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-07-31 Other 00:20:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-04-23 Circle 00:15:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-04-10 Star-like 00:01:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-04-04 Unknown 00:03:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-02-26 Disc 00:13:20
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-02-22 Sphere 00:00:03
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2018-02-06 Other
Steinbach, Manitoba (Canada) 2017-08-01 Disc 00:05:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2017-08-01 Oval 00:08:00
Sanford, Manitoba (Canada) 2017-07-09 Teardrop 00:20:00
Anola (Canada), MB 2017-03-05 Sphere 1-2 minutes
Winnipeg , Manitoba (Canada) 2017-01-26 Star-like 00:05:00
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2017-01-23 Unknown
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2017-01-03 Saturn-like 00:20:00
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-11-30 Unknown
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-11-30 Unknown
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-10-02 Sphere 00:02:00
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2016-10-02 Light 1-2 minutes
Teulon, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-09-28 Sphere 00:05:00
Selkirk, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-09-16 Circle 00:00:08
Selkirk (north of)(Canada), MB 2016-09-10 Light 4-5 minutes
Gimli (Canada), MB 2016-07-24 Light 3 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-07-21 Star-like 00:01:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-07-10 Sphere
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-07-05 Circle Undisclosed
Victoria Beach, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-07-01 Oval 00:10:00
Lorette (Canada), MB 2016-06-25 Sphere 2 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2016-06-09 Circle ~1 minute
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-05-11 Sphere 00:02:00
Sandy Hook, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-05-06 Unknown Undisclosed
Gimli (Canada), MB 2016-05-01 Chevron 0:49
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2016-03-02 Circle 20 seconds
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-02-11 Triangle 00:02:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2016-01-03 Cylinder Undisclosed
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2015-12-12 Circle 4 minutes
St. Fracois Xavier (Canada), MB 2015-11-28 Light 3 minutes
Portage La Prairie (N. of)(Canada), MB 2015-11-08 Fireball 2:00 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2015-10-17 Sphere 10 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-10-16 Diamond Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-10-04 Triangle Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-09-27 Boomerang Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-09-27 Star-like Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-09-27 Diamond 00:40:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-09-01 Oval Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-08-13 Unknown Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-08-10 Circle 12:04:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-07-19 Triangle 01:15:00
Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-07-18 Square, Rectangular Undisclosed
Petersfield, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-07-11 Sphere Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-06-30 Oval Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-06-14 Sphere Undisclosed
Portage la Prairie, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-04-14 Cigar Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-04-11 Triangle 00:02:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-03-10 Egg Undisclosed
Winnipeg (near)(Canada), MB 2015-02-19 Circle Ongoing
Winnipeg (near) (Canada), MB 2015-02-19 Circle ongoing
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-02-18 Sphere 00:10:00
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2015-01-31 Circle ~30 seconds
Emerson, Manitoba (Canada) 2015-01-10 Other Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-12-21 Oval Undisclosed
Gardenton (Canada), MB 2014-12-17 Oval 45 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-10-30 Sphere 00:01:18
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-10-20 Circle Undisclosed
Selkirk, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-09-06 Oval Undisclosed
Gimli, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-09-05 Circle 01:00:00
West Saint Paul, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-09-01 Other Undisclosed
Traverse Bay, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-08-31 Circle 00:05:00
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-08-17 Triangle 00:04:16
Birds hill, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-08-01 N, A Undisclosed
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-07-20 Triangle Undisclosed
Cooks Creek (Canada), MB 2014-07-01 30 minutes
Cooks Creek (Canada), MB 2014-07-01 30 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2014-06-17 Light 5-10 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2014-06-17 Light 5-10 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2014-06-10 Robotic Several minutes
Winnipeg, Ontario (Canada) 2014-06-04 Sphere 05:59:10
Portage la Prairie (Canada), MB 2014-05-24 Unknown 10 seconds
Portage la Prairie (Canada), MB 2014-05-24 Unknown 10 seconds
Fort Alexander (Canada), MB 2014-05-21 Circle 5 minutes
Fort Alexander (Canada), MB 2014-05-21 Circle 5 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2014-05-14 Fireball 33-35 seconds
St. Norbert (Canada), MB 2014-02-15 Light 5 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2013-12-17 Oval 10 minutes
Winnipeg (Canada), MB 2013-12-01 Other <5 minutes
Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) 2013-10-08 Fireball, Oval, Other 00:02:00
Stony Mountain, Manitoba (Canada) 2013-09-21 Circle 00:00:45
Winnipeg, MB 2013-09-21 Fireball half an hour