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Costa del Este (Argentina)

Sighted on Monday 23. December 2002
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Shape: Other | Duration: 5 minutes

We saw an U.F.O in "Costa del este" Argentina...12/23/02...near the beachMy boyfriend and me were having a late dinner in the backyard of a hired house in "Costa del Este", a beautiful place by the sea in the Argentinian cost, my boyfriend was looking facing the house in that moment, but I was heading the back of the yard when something makes me look up into the trees that were slowly moving with the breeze, I see a brillant light like a brite star among the trees, it looked like those stars that have an intensive light and can be seen in this part of the planet, the misterious matter was that it was moving, from west to east, pretty slow more than a plane and aparently to much higher than a plane, I beguin to follow its path and I lost it when it was still keep moving into the dark sky full of stars heading the sea, in a clear night, no clouds, no fog. I'm sure (we both are) that it wasn't a plane, the light was really brite, and it was the only light you could see in the object, my last sight was the object moving into the sea across the sky.I tryed to find somebody else on the net who have seen it, but´till now we both are the only ones.

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