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Chico, CA

Sighted on Sunday 16. February 2003
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 5 seconds

I saw a bright blue/green fireball in the East/Northeast sky travel from left upper corner to the lower right horizon.I was traveling home for the evening with my husband down a road less than a half mile from my house that runs East/West in Chico. It is a road that we travel frequently, if not daily, morning and night. We were traveling approximately 20-25 mph in a Toyota Rav4. While looking ahead (East) down the road and into the sky visible through the trees along the roadway, I saw a large ball of light appear in the upper left of my field of vision. The ball was larger than I have ever seen in the sky. I would estimate it to be approximately 1/2 - 2/3 the size of the full moon. My husband and I had just 5 minutes earlier been admiring the full moon and the moisture ring around it.As I watched the ball with a tail travel from the left of my field of vision to the right it appeared to fall or descend to the right lower corner of the field (approx. a 60 degree angle). As the ball fell it appeared to change in color starting as a dark color (green/blue)with a small falling star like tail to mid frame/center adding a bright yellow back end/tail and a lighter blue/green body, and disappearing with much these same colors.I was so astonished by what I saw, I looked down at the clock in the car right then to note the specific time; 20:22.My husband and I then began to talk about what we saw, and who or if we should report the information to. I wish I knew what it was and where if at all it landed.((FOLLOW-UP COMMUNICATION WITH WITNESS))Dear Mr. Davenport,Thanks so much for the on going updates. I spent some time since our submission visiting the Web site to familiarize myself with it. You have a very interesting and tremendously challenging job!I have a whole new awareness and appreciation of the job sorting out UFO's etc.It definitely requires a certain personality, intelligence and integrity.Our experience has definitely changed our life. I always thought it was OTHER people who saw those types of things (i.e. comets and things flying in the sky). It felt really good to know that there are people that we could call after having that kind of experience. So you might pass it on to the powers that be that the arrangement that you have with the local authorities in our experience was a highly effective one from our perspective.Best Wishes to you.Until next time?????((name deleted))

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