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Winnemucca (West of), NV

Sighted on Saturday 22. February 2003
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: 5 minuites

the real deal!!! driving west on i80 we saw to silver disks looked to be above Cosgrove restarea. they were larger than anything ive ever seen flying. the sky was clear!!! blue. the other cars on freeway all slowed to about 30mph we all saw that each other saw the same thing. after about five mineutes we clearly saw jets taking off from Fallon Air Bace and two from the south and two from the north. then the two large hovering disks moved togeather as the jets got closer then just vanished. a few mineutes later ther was one large cloud from all the vapor trails of the many jets that came.it was day light. there were no reflections or weather ballouns.everyone agreed not to say anything but hay we saw them. id bet my life on it!!! if the jets had stayed away they would have stayed longer in sight.

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