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Playa del Cura (Grand Canaria Island)

Sighted on Tuesday 04. February 2003
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Shape: Light | Duration: 30 minutes approx

Two bright reddish lights appearing horizontally in the night sky off the coast of Gran Canaria repaced 2 or 3 times by similar objectsLooking westward from Playa Del Cura, 2 reddish lights were hanging at the same level above the sea.(Too high to be lights on the mast of a ship )These were illuminating the sea below to such an extent that we could see the horizon.These lights stayed as they were for 5-10 minutes, then another light appeared in a random position above them, then another, and these replaced the existing lights as the other 2 faded from sight.This happened 2 -3 times over the next 20-30 minutes then completely disappeared not to be seen again during the duration of our holiday.I am a designer and my wife is a university secretary. Neither of us believe in UFO's to be honest, but this sighting we cannot explain.We asked another cuople a few days later and they saw the same thing.It couldn't have been an airplane or helicopter.Baffling!! By the way we may have been holidaying there, but we weren't drunk!!

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