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Medan (Indonesia)

Sighted on Monday 10. February 2003
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 250

i dont know is it the first seeing of UFO in Indonesia for more than 20 years.Since our first saw last Dec 2002 (we saw one fireball for about 10 minutes) in city of Medan, I think that we will not have other chance seeing UFO again. But at that night we saw up to 3 ufo (fire ball) for about more than 3 hours. I call one of my office friend that live about 10 miles from my home. She could saw that object too. at the South of Medan same like me. We (my family, our neighboor) saw that objects use my Nikon binoculliar. First just one object seen, stop and moving change their position and formation. Then the second and third fire ball join the one. They move to other position so quickly (i estimated about 50 miles for just 2-4 seconds) and stop for about 20 minutes in their new formation. My self waiting for this seeing for just more than 20 years. Before seen this fireball, about ufo my opinion is just like believe it or not. But now. i'm so wonderful and make me remember the independence day film.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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