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Australia (on a cattle property)

Sighted on Sunday 15. December 2002
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Not sure

Strange circles on the ground.There are a number of circle shapes on the ground,proberly about 8 or so. The grass was all scorched and now it has rained the grass is greener there and there are mushrooms growing on the edge of each circle but no where else.There are a few little storks inside the circles and they are not flatterned and a few little trees near by which look burnt. We thought that it could be someone doing doughnuts but the circles are real neat on the dirt isn't puched up at all. The very middle circle still has some grass which is dead and the marking of this circle is still really easy to see compared to the others. We have all been and had a look and hae no answer for the markings.The men say the grass is greener because it is butten grass and it usually comes up when everything else has died off. I never saw it when it was fresh but the men say it looked like there everythinmg was killed of by some kind of fuel or something. Don't know kind of strange. I am sorry but I don't want to give you info on who I am as no one around me will agree with that and we live on a quiet property. This is no joke though and I just wanted to let you know this.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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