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Los Angeles, CA

Sighted on Tuesday 23. July 2002
Reported on
Shape: Changing | Duration: 10 Minutes

By now, I have read a number of accounts from others who witnessed what I did this night. (I am reporting this over one year following the sighting.) However, I have been very careful about reliving the actual event in my mind, just the way it happened, and I've taken great care to not allow the reports of others to influence or haze my experience. In fact, what I view as the most fascinating component of my story has not been described in anyone else's reports about this supposed same craft my friend and I viewed on the night of July 23, 2002. Throughout this written account, I denote the significant differences in my report to the reports from other Angelinos who viewed a similar object on the same date and near the same time I did with ** surrounding those facts. On this night, I was helping my friend move his tools into my house, where he was to stay before flying to New York the next day. As we carried items toward my house from the curb, he asked, "How's it going around here lately?" Almost jokingly, I responded, "Well...a lot of sky activity tonight, it's strange." (I had noticed many planes in the L.A. skies that particular evening, for some reason.) Just as I made this comment, at 22:05 on this night, I looked up to an object that had caught my sight. It was positioned almost directly above my house, located in the heart of Los Angeles. At first, it seemed to me to possibly be a large blimp - with what I guessed to be ** white and bluish ** or ** white and greenish ** blinking lights along its **oblong shape** - traveling very slowly above my home. As I stood watching it (mouth agape), my friend came out of the house and joked at my expression. He said, "Yeah, right," in reference to his knowing how I have always wanted to be witness to a UFO...he believed I was still passing a joke, attached to my previous comment. I told him to look at what I was looking at. He turned to see what I was seeing. My friend (who is in no way intrigued by the idea of alien spacecrafts exploring our planet) said, "You're right. Oh my God, you're right." I was in awe of the size of the object. By this time, I comprehended that the object was moving much too slowly to be even a blimp. I yelled excitedly for him to fetch any camera from inside my house. As I watched the object, I slowly and consciously concentrated on what I was seeing. I held my arm out to the coasting object. The best I could judge was that it would have been two feet in length if it were truly located at the edge of my fingertips. I concentrated on the lights I was seeing emitting from the object. As much as I tried, I simply could not decide for certain if the faint lights I saw around this thing were ** white, or if they were blue...I couldn't even detect if I was seeing green or red lights for sure **. It was strange to look directly at these lights and very consciously not understand what color they were. I finally decided that they cast themselves as a faint "white and bluish". As I answered my friend who yelled from inside, "Where is there a camera?" I saw something else that challenged my concentration. Plainly, the object was beginning to alter its shape as I watched it. ** Slowly, the shape ebbed from an oblong form into a definite triangular figure. ** I watched this occur. I occupied my mind and thoughts on staying focused on these happenings that I had no time to be disbelieving of them. Yet, I was more than mildly curious to how this could be actually happening - to be watching something that was seemingly a structure change forms before my very eyes like this. At this time, it seemed the lights were becoming a little more clear in their emission. ** I was becoming more decided on white and green blinking lights now, with a steady red one located toward the anterior position of this thing, although I am not certain that this "steady" red light was "on" the entire rest of the time I watched the object. The blinking white and green lights seemed to also have some red in it as well during its slow trip over my neighborhood. ** My friend came out of the house with one of my cameras. To my dismay, it was a Polariod instant camera. He handed it to me and looked back up to the sky in the direction where I was looking. I realized then that I was still standing in my own front yard, and the object was still somewhere over my house. In about one minute and thirty seconds, the thing had not moved enough to even take the distance of my rooftop in the sky. My friend's question to me then verified that I had indeed watched this strange thing change shapes: "Is that still the same thing?" I very kindly asked him to see if he could locate another one of my cameras (reminding him that this could very well have been an event I had longed for most of my life). He obliged and went back inside. I aimed at the shape with the camera and had trouble spotting it in the night sky any time I tried to view it from the viewfinder. Maybe the lights were too faint, and possibly the camera's little square viewfinder was caked with dust. Instead of losing viewing time for myself, I simply aimed the camera a number of times toward the slow-moving object and clicked, hoping for the best. I was in my neighbor's yard by the time I heard my friend clicking with another (disposable) camera from my yard. He said to me, frustrated, "Anytime I look through the camera lens, I can't see it!" We both slowly walked southward on our street and through people's yards, trying to get a good shot of the thing. We did this for roughly ten minutes. I watched the thing continue to move southward, over Los Angeles (seemingly at a fairly close proximity to where LAX - the airport of Los Angeles - is). I remember my friend tiring of the event while I stood near the end of my street, then backing up, to still watch it until the last possible moment. I can not recall what I was viewing at that point in time - nor can I recall at all what it looked like from behind. I just remember being saddened that the sight of it was gone as it finally disappeared behind some tall trees, far in the distance. Summary: Shape: Oblong, changed to traingular Noise: None whatsoever Speed: Incredibly slow (I'm terrible at judging this to mph) Size: If touching my fingertips, the object would have been two feet in diameter, and almost twelve inches in width, I believe Lights: Blinking, faint at one point, difficult to discern color (best guess is white and bluish or white and greenish); when shape was altered, I recall seeing a red light at the front end of the object (a steady light, at least for a while) and the other colors were a blinking white and green, sprinkled with more red Odd feelings during sighting: None whatsoever Odd occurrences during sighting: None whatsoever Other witnesses: Friend Evidence: Photographs (see below) Of course, we got to see the instantaneous developing pictures right away - they rendered nothing. I scanned those and tried using all sorts of filters and utilities from different computer imaging applications to no avail. Somehow, I lost the disposable camera with the photographs of the objects. That camera was not recovered until last week. It now sits in a desk drawer in my office, awaiting film processing. I work at a major motion picture studio in Hollywood, where there is a Camera Department (in my group), so I am hopeful of finally developing the images of this object we saw that night. I will update.

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