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Broummana (Lebanon)

Sighted on Tuesday 28. January 2003
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 10-15 minutes

Strange long armed creature with no hair light brown skinIn my bedroom, nearly before sunrise, some strange feeling woke me up. I saw a very strange creature sitting on the border of my bed, I was completely paralyzed, astonished with an extremely joyful feeling.His appearance skinny with long arms, one of his arms was on my back, looking at me and smiling, with big eyes and big ear sticked to the head, no hair at all on all of his body. He had light brown skin. After 15 minutes I tried to touch him, he vanished through the balcony door which was completely closed. I ran to see if somebody have jumped into my bedroom, the door was completely closed and there was nobody outside. He just vanished like smoke. And since then never had this phenomenon again. But I still feel the joyful peaceful extremely wonderful feeling I had in that event.I still wonder until today if it was an alien, or something else.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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