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Lewniowa (Poland)

Sighted on Tuesday 04. June 2002
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Shape: Disk | Duration: over 2 hours

An UFO with white lights on it, emitting beams and moving in a strange way.Weather conditions: very good; clear sky, full of stars I observed an unidentified object when i looked out from the window - at first I noticed bright lights but after a while shape of the object became visible (a disk). It was wobbling in the east, above trees (a forest nearby), then suddenly stopped and emitted a bright white beam to trees. It lasted ca. 0,5 minute. About 24:10 the object changed its position - moved to the centre of village (from east to south). It was a bit strange for in the centre there is a church - UFO seemed as if it has chosen a "track" because it was moving from the church to houses lying opposite (ca. 300 metres). It lasted very long, over 1,5 hour.((NUFORC Note: We wonder whether the witness might have observed a celestial body, although that is only conjecture on our part. Stars and planets do not project beams of light down to the surface of the Earth, although we frequently receive reports from people who claim that they allegedly have witnessed such an event. PD))

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