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Joseph, UT

Sighted on Monday 14. October 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: several seconds

glowing green triangle passed over my truck, while driving on Interstate 70 in a Utah canyon pass at night.This report may seem a bit overdue, but it has taken me awhile to analize what I "saw". First, I would like to say something about my background. I was 59 years old when I observed the UFO. I have a Masters degree and was a Professor of Art for two decades , before I resigned to operate an artist studio. I am now a commodities transporter, a professional driver. My wife and I are an owner/operator team of an express truck for a trucking company based in Florida. We deliver loads throughout the United States and Canada. Being a rational person, I have been unable to explain what I saw in this report, only that it was indeed unidentified. To the best of my knowledge, this incident occurred on October 14, 2002 after we had picked up a load in California. This trip was to be an all night drive, so sometime around midnight, we turned off of Interstate 15 in Utah, and turned unto Interstate 70 eastbound, heading for Denver, Colorado. In the daytime, the first 50 miles of Interstate 70 is one of the most beautiful drives through a canyon on the interstate system, but at night, this can be one of the lonely stretches of highway in the US.Anyway, it was around 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning, I was driving the truck through the Fishlake National Forest area, just west of Joseph, Utah. My wife was asleep in the sleeper, so I was driving in the cab by myself. I was winding my way through the canyon pass. All I could see was the canyon walls, as my headlights swept across them.Then I saw a green light about 50 yards down the road. My first thought was that it was a transformer, of some sort. When, suddenly, this green light passed over my truck. The green light appeared to be a horizontal triangle, with beveled edges. I couldn't see anything around the light. It was pitch black, and there were no other markings or lights. Since this happened so quickly, and due to the fact I was still going 55 miles an hour through a winding canyon pass at night, I could not stop the truck, to see where the object went after it passed over my truck. However there was one observation that I was able to make: the object was quite small, no wider than my truck. In other words, if this was a flying vehicle, it appeared to be big enough for only one, or two, occupants. Finally, I would like to mention that I have driven this stretch of interstate twice since then. Once in 2003, and once in 2004. Both trips occurred during the daylight hours. Neither time did I see anything on the highway that resembled what I saw on October 14, 2002. All I saw was a winding stretch of interstate and miles of beautiful canyon walls.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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