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Fort Stockton, TX

Sighted on Saturday 15. February 2003
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: 45 secs

Saucer Sighting in Fort Stockton, Texas 02/2003I was driving from Lordsburg, New Mexico to Fort Stockton, Texas. It was getting toward evening - probably late afternoon. I saw two disks(?). I couldn't believe it. I was saying, "I see you, I see you." Then they disappeared behind the clouds. Sometimes I think maybe it must have been something else, but then I know what I saw wasn't normal. I've told very few people about this. But, tonight as I was flipping channels, the SciFi Channel was airing a show "Proof Positive" and a familiy was mentioning a UFO sighting in Fort Stockton. So, I feel I should report it somewhere. Maybe I'm one of many people to have seen something around Fort Stockton. Oh, I was on Interstate 10. Well, I guess this isn't much, but that's it.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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