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Karavostasi (Greece)

Sighted on Tuesday 01. October 2002
Reported on
Shape: Cross | Duration: 1 minute

a look-through aircraft a la 'predator'I'm a danish citizen, and the observation happened as I was on a vacation in Greece. Being a reporter I felt, that I had to report it to some 'professionals', and I've tried that, but learned the hard lesson that nobody really cares.On the first of October 2002 on the isle of Folegandros, which is situated in the south-western Cyclades, I observed a strange aircraft while I was lying on my back on some coastal rocks a little south of Karavostasi. It moved south at a relatively slow speed at an altitude of about 3000 feet.The craft was completely transparent.I want to point out, that I have often seen how aircrafts under certain weather conditions seem to blend into the sky - even a clear blue one. However, living in cold Denmark you go out and splay yourself in the sun as often as you can during summer. The beach I use is one mile from the Int. airport of Copenhagen, so I've studied aircrafts a lot lying on my back. I first noticed this one as it ploughed through a lowhanging white cloud. I was puzzled by it's shape, which I could see as a shadow on the 'belly' of the cloud. It looked like a big fat cross, the nose and wings round like the shape of a trefoil and the body rather plump and short. I thought it might be some kind of veteran aeroplane, so I waited for it to emerge from the cloud. When it did, the 'mouth' of the cloud seemed to start whirling like a washing machine, and I was shocked to see, that the 'thing' coming out was completely look-through or invisible apart from a tiny blurry outline much like that of a soap-bubble.The background sky was blue with fleecy clouds, and I could see these clouds right through the plane.As it passed over me, and I was struggling to keep my eyes on the ghostly thing, it cast a shadow on me too. After a very short period I simply couldn't see it anymore. And when I say 'see' I mean the blurry outline. And other comparison I could make would be to the entity in the movie 'Predator'- it was that kind of effect.I think I might have seen a socalled black project craft.

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