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Armstrong (Canada), ON

Sighted on Sunday 15. September 2002
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Shape: Formation | Duration: 5 seconds

Large formation of UFO's over sunset in Northern CanadaIt was day 1 of my month long fishing expedition on a small lake about 100 miles south of Armstrong Ontario. I had just started the campfire when I decided to snap some pictures of the beautiful sunset. Just as I was taking the first picture a formation of UFO's came down out of the sky above . This formation was of 10 bright flying craft. They appearred as in the photo as bright dot's on the horizon. I could not believe that I actually got the picture of the UFO formation, something I will unlikely ever photograph again.((NUFORC Note: Date and time are approximate. Witness provides photograph of setting Sun, with nine bright objects in two formations, against the evening sky. Interesting photograph, in our opinion. PD))

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