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Gillette, WY

Sighted on Friday 10. May 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 1 minute

Black triangle glides right over my head.My wife and I were out for a walk at night in our neiborhood. We were just talking and I looked up at the stars because I love the stars. When out of my periphial view to my left I saw somthing. Its weird but at first glance I thought it was an owl gliding across the sky. Then my mind thought it was a flock of ducks flying in a V formation. But when it was right over my head the light from the stars vanished behind it. It was a black triangle craft making no sound at all. I looked at my wife and pointed to the sky and I kept asking what is that. She didn't know of course. It had no lights no sound and glided across the sky to the north west. I watched until I couldn't see it anymore. We jumped in our car and tried to follow it but I couldn't see it anymore. I;m telling you if I hadn't looked straight up I never would have saw it. I went home and looked on line at all the stelth planes that are known to exsist. none of them looked like it. the edges were rounded. It was the creepest thing I'd ever seen. I have listened to you and Art for years and never thought I would see somthing like this. At the time I didn't report it because it wasn't as fantastic as all the reports you seem to get. The only reason I amm sending this is to add to your evidence that we are not alone. Thank you for all you do. One more thing, it might sound weird but I got a strong impression that what ever was in that craft knew that I was watching it. I wish I would have reported it sooner but like I said I didn't think it was a big deal. If you do get in touch with me I did have questions of a dream I had in 1996.I know I might sound dumb but it was a dream of little greys taking me from my bed and putting a clone of me in my place for about a year. I know it was just a dream but I've always wondered if I should talk to someone. Couple of my friends I told just laugh until I tell them I had a second dream a couple days before my surgery that the little guys brought me back. Then they just say how weird. I dont think I'm crazy just wondered what you think. Is there a connection. Anyway thank you for your time.

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