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Donegal County (Republic of Ireland)

Sighted on Sunday 30. June 2002
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 1 minute

I was standing outside our hoilday home looking towards the sea i looked at the sky when isaw 2ball shaped objects sliver in color allmost touching each other then move across the sky and out of sight in 4 or 5 seconds at the same time my wife who was down walking on the beach about quater of a mile from me looked up and saw the same objects i was talking to my son and his friend a few weaks ago and and telling them about the objects i had seen they told me they had seen the same silver balls objects that day i asked them why they did not tell me about it at the time they though nobody would belive them((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the event in 2002 is approximate. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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donegal 2022-07-31 triangle & long thin 2-3 hours
Co.Donegal, County Donegal (Ireland) 2020-04-15 Fireball 00:00:05
derry 2019-10-11 oval a few seconds
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Letterkenny, County Donegal (Ireland) 2018-02-01 N, A 00:02:00
Strabane, UK 2017-11-05 3 long rectangular silver 3 mim
Limavady (United Kingdom) 2017-07-26 Sphere 5 minutes
Victoria Bridge, Strabane (United Kingdom) 2017-07-10 Circular 1 minute
Dromahair, County Leitrim (Ireland) 2016-11-25 N, A 00:00:08
Enniskillen, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) 2016-11-23 Star-like 00:00:02
Letterkenny, County Donegal (Ireland) 2016-08-24 Triangle 00:00:01
Cavan, Cavan (Ireland) 2016-07-18 Sphere 00:10:00
Dromore West, Sligo (Ireland) 2015-11-11 Circle 01:00:00
Armagh, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) 2015-09-12 Teardrop 00:00:03
Mohill, County Leitrim (Ireland) 2014-07-11 Oval top,square bottom 15 to 20 secs
Sligo (Republic of Ireland) 2014-04-14 Circle 3 minutes
Clogher (UK/England) 2013-10-05 Fireball 1-3 minutes
Portnoo, Co.Donegal (Ireland) 2013-07-16 Triangular Three minutes
Carrick on Shannon Leitrim (Ireland), 2013-02-22 Flash Seconds
Carrigans, Donegal (Ireland) 2011-10-31 Triangle Undisclosed
Aughnacloy (Northern Ireland) 2011-07-17 Circle 5 mintues
Armagh, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) 2011-05-10 Unknown Undisclosed
Sligo, County Sligo (Ireland) 2010-02-19 Diamond Undisclosed
Strabane (County Tyrone) (Northern Ireland) 2010-01-01 Circle 1 hour
Derry (Northern Ireland) 2009-10-31 Changing 1-2 minutes
Maguiresbridge (Ireland) 2009-06-18 Fireball 2 mins
Strokestown, County Roscommon (Ireland) 2008-07-12 Saturn-like 00:00:01
Dungannon (Northern Ireland) 2004-07-13 Changing 10 minutes
Ballina (Republic of Ireland) 2000-11-22 Disk 30 secs.
Dungannon Co Tyrone (Northern Ireland), . 2000-09-15 Unknown 2 minutes
Donegal Town (Republic of Ireland) 2000-09-11 Light 2 to 3 hrs not sure
Donegal, Atlantic Drive (Republic of Ireland) 2000-07-20 Sphere 2-4 minutes
Foxford, County Mayo (Ireland) 1995-11-01 Cylinder
Sion Mills (Northern Ireland) 1995-10-25 Fireball 3/4 seconds
Meenacladdy, County Donegal (Ireland) 1980-05-31 Circle
Milford (Republic of Ireland) 1943-09-07 Cylinder 30 seconds