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Yakutat, AK

Sighted on Thursday 13. February 2003
Reported on
Shape: Changing | Duration: 20 minutes

ALASKA UFO, 2003, YAKUTAT, ALASKA.One feels stupid or even lethargic entering this account as ultimately skeptics will be skeptics and believers will be believers, until there is proof. Nevertheless, as a police officer in Alaska I responded to a local neighborhood call reporting a UFO in the sky. The town we worked in was only 800 people, Yakutat, Alaska, so I went out there with the Chief of Police. We saw a white diamond object seemlessly traverse a bright blue sky without a single cloud. We got a video camera, and as I tried to focus in closer, it would dart away out of lense view, as if it knew i was attempting to take video! I still have 20 minute or so of video of this thing that would move in curvy directions, nonlinear, and vibrate into different shapes which appeared to be circular, then back to diamond. High-tech secret, or otherworldly, who knows. I can't deny what i saw and have on tape. Neighbors came out and saw this thing with us. Finally it passed out of view; we thought maybe it can read out minds? Who knows? I asked it to come to me, and even today, 4 years later, i still think when i am alone, that i wish it would be brave enough to contact me at some point in the future. To date, nothing. Perhaps I should not even attribute an animated intelligent to what i saw; perhaps it was just some high-tech secret project remote/drone; again, who knows. The only thing I do know--it moved like nothing i have ever witnessed before either on the earth or in the sky.((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. We will ask the wintess to forward the video for our inspection. PD))

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