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Monterey, TN

Sighted on Sunday 15. December 2002
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 1 min

Circular object with red, green, and white lights, about 100 feet above the treesI was driving through Monterey headed to East Tennessee on a Saturday night. I was off the interstate on a road that leads East somewhat parallel to the interstate. I looked up to the left above the trees off the road while going up a hill and saw a circular object, with a red light on one end and a green light on the other end, with a white light circling around, which blanked out the red or green light as it passed on its way around. The speed limit is low here so I had about a minute to glance at it and watch the road at the same time. The object was about 30 yds long and maybe 15 wide. It looked to be about 100 feet above the tree tops, about 150 yds off the road. It definately spooked me. I have always been one to look at the night skies and have alot of interest in aircraft. This seemed different than anything I had ever seen. I continued down the road and after hitting Hwy 127 and turning north, I saw what appeared to be the same object, only it was several miles from the road and much higher. It seemed to blink red, then green, which made me think of the white light going around blanking out the red and green on the object I had seen. I did not believe that this object was following me, or had anything to do with me.((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

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Dubre, KY 2015-11-13 Sphere 10 minutes
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Loudon, TN 2015-11-10 Sphere 3 hours
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Lenoir City, TN 2014-12-15 Triangle 5 minutes
Decatur, TN 2014-11-20 Fireball 15 seconds