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Shavat (Uzbekistan)

Sighted on Monday 10. January 2005
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: About 30 seconds

I spotted a green light speeding in all directions in the skies of Uzbekistan.When I served in the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan I lived in a small town by the name Shavat, in the Khorezm region, not far from the Turkmenistan border. I was a teacher in a small school and rented a house there.One morning I woke up for school. I can’t remember exactly which time it was , but I know it was between 6:30 and 7:10 AM there. It was still dark. I stepped outside to walk to the outhouse in my backyard and as I did so I happened to look up in the sky and noticed something that seemed out of place there.It was a green ball of light, moving slowly in all directions (up and down, right and left). It wasn’t just an insignificant spec in the sky but big and bright enough to have a true presence there. I knew immediately that it wasn’t a shooting star, an airplane, a satellite, or a meteor because I had seen those things before and knew how they moved. This object moved deliberately, covering wide distances in the sky in only seconds, as if somebody were moving a laser pointer dot all around on a blackboard. Then it sped away and disappeared.That day I went to school and told colleagues about it. These were Uzbek nationals. One friend, a young woman my age who was my counterpart, was skeptical and treated me like I was crazy while my director told me had seen something similar years before. I also told another friend whom I didn’t work with-- a young female teacher at a nursery school.The next morning I woke up again around the same time and just like the morning before I stepped into my backyard on my way to outhouse and saw it again. This time for only a split second before it sped away.Later that week the nursery school teacher I had told my story to told me that she had seen the same thing while outside at her house, only late in PM hours.Months passed. Later, in the Spring, my counterpart at school who had treated me like I was crazy when I told her my story apologized to me one day, and told me that she and her family had all witnessed the same object in the sky over the weekend, late at night. Her sighting took place for an extended period of time and witnessed by more than at least three people I have no opinion as to what this object was, only that it wasn’t normal and that it was definitely worth reporting. Especially since it kept appearing.((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))

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