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Keokuk, IA

Sighted on Thursday 30. August 2007
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 10 minutes

Sequential orange lights in night southeastern night sky Keokuk Iowa 8/30/2007Approximately 8:30pm 8/30/2007 10 miles north of Keokuk Iowa on highway 218 I saw what I thought was a airplane turning on landing lights for final approach to runway 28 at Keokuk Municipal Airport. There were three lights. I took them to be a nose gear light and wing lights. Then they started a sequence from left to right, going on and off in sequence. After several minutes my wife asked if I had seen those lights. I told her I was glad she was there because I had been watching them already and wanted to be sure I wasn't seeing things. This pattern of coming on and off in a left to right sequence continued until we lost sight well inside city limits of Keokuk, Iowa. The lights appeared to stay in a relative position to our moving van. No sudden movement, no change in color, no shape shifting. For well over 10 mminutes we observed this. Orange in color. Would like to know if any other sightings took place that night. Must have been seen by other people because of elevation and position in night sky.

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