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Cabo Rojo (Puerto Rico)

Sighted on Tuesday 30. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 5min.

Huge brilliant circle and transparent circles of different sizes seen starting on Dec.30 ,2008 at Cabo Rojo,Puerto RicoI am a Chemist, Educator and Fine Arts Painter and my husband has a Master in Economics. I went to the front yard of my home to take pictures of our home. At first I thought that my Canon Digital Camera was damaged, because I saw a brilliant circle at the top of the house. I shot the picture anyway. I shot another photo farther trying to avoid that white brilliant circle. It was moving up in the sky. I shot the third photo and I couldn't see the white circle. My husband and I decided to look at the photos and we were atonished of what we saw.The first photo showed a very brilliant circle composed of what seems to be multiple prisms crystals. The structure shows two black wholes and it shows three divisions around.The second photo shows the same circle more brilliant and going up in the sky.The third photo by using the zoom of the camera shows many transparent circles in the sky and two around the house. The smaller circles are around big ones.I took more photos on dec.31 and January 1 2009. There are some circles still in the sky.(transparent spheres)

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