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Balapur, Hyderabad (India)

Sighted on Sunday 30. November 2008
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 2 Hours

On the night of November 30th, 2008 between 19:30 Hrs to 21:30 Hrs there were 3 pairs of strange lights appeared one after the other and later disappeared, these lights appeared approximately for 2 hours.Place: Balapur, Near Hyderabad, INDIA Latitude: 17.375278 17ō 22’31”N 17 Degrees, 22 minutes, 31 Seconds North Longitude: 78.474444 78ō28’27”E 78 Degrees, 28 minutes, 27 seconds East Time Zone: Asia/Calcutta Balapur village is suburbs of a metro city HYDERABAD in India, around 300 people living in the village; on November 30th night between 19:30 Hrs to 21:30 Hrs people of Balapur have witnessed strange lights in the sky. First one pair of lights appeared at south west direction in the sky and lights are located approximately 60 degrees angle from the ground, after 30 minutes passed another pair of lights came from south at an angle of 90 degrees and came close to the first pair to 60 degrees angle, both pairs remained up to 20.45 Hrs then another pair came from south at 90 degrees and came closer to earlier 2 pairs to 60 degrees. All three pairs stayed together for some time and then first two pairs disappeared slowly at same angle 60 degrees. Then the third pair remained up to 21:30Hrs then it disappeared suddenly. Lights are in the color of red, green, and blue some times very bright in white.For few minutes the object is visible with out lights and it is in the form of spherical or disk shape.Balapur people have reported to a News Channel and the News Channel reporter came to the spot and taped the lights. TV Reporter and residents of Balapur people have given the above details. There was a Rajive Gandhi International Airport very close to Balapur Area, The airport is also known as Shamshabad International Airport, we have enquired with Air Traffic controller and Airport Authorities about the strange lights in the sky, they have confirmed that as per their knowledge there were no aircrafts in the sky at that position and nothing noticed on their radars. We also enquired with Planetary Society and they have confirmed that there are no celestial objects visible that clear in the said position. These Lights remained Mystery, see the attached snap shot from video. Report made by CETI India

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