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Athens (Greece)

Sighted on Wednesday 10. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: about half a minute

I saw a UFO in the sky of a CNN news report.ttp://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/ireports/2008/12/09/irpt.greece.riots.constitutional.square.cnn Yesteday, I was watching CNN International for the headlines and forgot to click it off so it went into the next program I-Reports.  Right away I saw an object in the sky.  The "UFO" stays stationery in the sky, the camera pans to the left and then comes back to the sky and that object does not move!  Maybe it's a blimp or helicopter but it doesn't look that!   It looks like one of the classic UFO photos I've seen in books, TV and on the internet. Ironic, when I was watching CNN later, the same video came on and I KNEW.I read or heard somewhere a long time ago that when there disaster or civil unrest occurs UFO's, mothmen, or some other strange things are seen.  I always believed this, too!   Anger or other expulsion of great negative energy attracts strange things (mostly evil). I hope you will watch the video at the above URL above (I don't have the software so I can't record it-I hope you can record the video) and let me know your reaction.   What blows my mind is that probably few caught it (but you can't miss it-this metallic thing is right there hovering in the middle of the sky) because I did a google check and no one mentioned it.  MY QUESTION: HOW COULD ANYONE MISS THIS?  IS EVERYONE WHO SAW THE SAME VIDEO THAT BLIND THAT THEY DENY WHAT THEY'RE SEEING?  Something unusual is in that sky!((NUFORC Note: We have not looked at the video. PD))

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