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Nis (Serbia)

Sighted on Saturday 06. December 2008
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Shape: Other | Duration: 15 - 25 sec

It had (I saw) 4 lights two yellow ones (normal) and two blue ones - half sphere like shape, dark and unilluminated.It was flying low, seemed to me to be just above the buildings and was making no noise. I plane at that altitude makes quite a racket(lots of noise). It had (I saw) 4 lights two yellow ones (normal) and two blue ones. The way it was maneuvering told me that it is not a plane, although it could have been(unlike any I have seen before).Quite exhilarating, mostly cause of the movement. I said to my friend: "hey look at that plane". Cause it was a specific craft and I wanted to hear him agree with me that it is a plane so that I don't trick myself into thinking I'm seeing something else. He replied: "dude that's not a plane it's a space ship". I stick with my story that it was a UFO and not a space ship. It could have been a plane or a space ship but I had no evidence of either. Only thing I saw was something I've never seen before.I saw it disappear behind the buildings(about 30 meters tall the buildings) and then I turned right into the street where I was to drop my friend off. At this point my car is going parallel with the craft, but I do not see it. I ask my friend where it is and he replies there it is in front of us. It appeared as if it had gone straight following a course it took just before it disappeared behind the buildings. Now I saw it in front of us at the same altitude and with the distance being aproximatelly 100-200 meters, flying off. I could still see the lights, 4 of them in a row and a half sphere like shape of the craft, but I couldn't make out the front and what I saw of the craft was dark and unilluminated. First thing I saw was 4 lights under the craft, but after it flew away slowly I saw 4 lights at the back of it and in a straight line. Hard to describe. The flight movements were kinda like that of a fighter jet, but it was done slowly it seemed.I was smoking marijuana all the time before then, actually for 7 hours straight, I think it's important to note. But I do that from time to time and I have never hallucinated about UFO's and I think I was not this time. Since details are of the essence I thought I'd be dead honest with my report, since what I saw was accompanied with feelings I've never felt before.

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