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Cebu City (Philippines)

Sighted on Thursday 01. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 20-25 mins

Circular yellowish in color.Yellowish Color Circle, shape like ambrella, below clouds, like lamp with shield. The speed looks like 10km/h for me. From Busay Mountain passing through the Cebu City, Philippines.I and my wife with our 1.7 year old daughter is about to enter the house but the door is lock, so we called first our maid. Just by accident, my wife looked up the sky she saw a light, she think at first it is a firecracker since it is still first day of the year, as she called my attention to see it, when I looked up, I said directly "oh my God, UFO!", my second thought is a crashing plane. I said to my wife, oh my God, a plane! Burning tail of a plane, It just passes us until we can't see it anymore, the trees covering it...It is like a lamp, with shield, the shield is like a gasses sorrounded the inner part of it (the light).

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