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Le Mans (France)

Sighted on Saturday 20. December 2008
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 10 mins

20/12/08 Le Mans -France. 10 smoking lights, formed in a circle with inner ring of lights. Over motorwayOn Saturday 20th December 2008, at approx. 18:00 my husband and I were travelling along the A11 motorway just past Le Mans in France, when I looked out of the window and saw what apeared to be a weird cloud formation (fog like) travelling at the same speed as our vehicle (80mph). Then all of a sudden a circle of lights, about 10, with an inner circle of lights, crossed in front of our vehicle, from left to right and then back again. At this point my husband who was driving also witnessed this. Although no solid body of a ship could be seen the formation and movements of the lights would be as if they were part of a solid moving object. The lights indicated an object that would have been the size of 4 lanes of the motorway, they came across the motorway low flying, stopped, rotated and shot off at considerable speed, until they could no longer be seen. I thought this would be the end of our encounter, when suddenly the lights were back, crossed in front of us right to left, rotated and shot off, again disapearing from sight. They returned again and I could see them from the left hand window of our vehicle, slightly lagging behind. The whole incident lasted about 10-15 minutes before I could no longer see them. My camera was not handy, so I did not get a photograph. I did not want to take my eyes off of the lights for one minute. I should have written every detail down at the time but did not. I counted the outer ring of lights, sure that I would never forget how many there were, I am fairly sure there were 10 but it is amazing how even when something truly amazing happens if you don’t write it down imediately, you doubt yourself. The lights were dull and smoking which is why when they were side on apeared cloud like. My husband and I were travelling to Switzerland where we were on holiday for 3 weeks. I have suffered from a nervous skin condition ever since. My husband and I are nearly 50 years old. My husband is an accountant and not the sort of person who imagines things. Niether of us had been drinking, or taking any form of medication and although we wear glasses for driving, know that what we saw that day we will probably never witness again.

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