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Phenix City & Columbus,Ga, AL

Sighted on Monday 24. November 2008
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Shape: Light | Duration: 5 minutes

Many slow moving lights moving in the same direction crossing two cities.On the night of November 24, 2008, my family and I were traveling into Columbus, GA from Phenix City, AL. While we were traveling East down HWY 80, my husband noticed several orange lights coming from the South heading North. As we stopped at a red light at the intersection of Hwy 80 and Hwy 280, my husband finally asked me if I could see the lights too and if I knew what they were. At first these were seen through the trees and resembled street lights in the distance but as we sat at the red light I noticed these lights were actually moving at a slow pace.We continued East on Hwy 80 and tried to keep our eye on the lights as they became more in to view. Soon we noticed more and the few lights we were seeing were actually 9 or 10 so we were a little intrigued as to what would be flying over in this number, but then I was able to count about 19 or more. They were appeared large and seemed to be very high in the sky. They changed direction from going North to moving East in front of us. This acutally looked as though they just started moving sideways. We tried to keep up but kept getting stopped by red lights. We then could only watch as they continued to get farther away. At one point it appeared that there were more appearing from the atmosphere and looked to be almost dropping slowly. At this time my children began asking if these were meteors or something else falling from space.Once they got to the horizon, they seemed to disappear. We tried to catch up a few minutes after they got away from us, but there was nothing at all in the sky. By the time we got to the last place we saw them over the sky was very clear and we could see it very well from this new location. This was on Hwy 85 in Columbus, GA traveling Norteast.We live near Ft. Benning so we realize this could be explained as something else, but there were just too many and they were maneuvering in ways that I have never seen. We waited so long because we were trying to see if anyone else that night witnessed the same thing. The other people in cars around us did not seem to notice but surely someone else saw. It was very scary and all of us were shaken up for quite awhile that night. If you can get any other information to explain this phenomenon we would greatly appreciate it.

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