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Sighted on Monday 22. December 2008
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 3-4 minutes

Mysterious glowing aeroplane at nightAt that night, i was gathering around with 3 friends, when 1 of my friend looked at the sky, suddenly he screamed and said,"hey look! i'm seeing something strange at the sky now! It looks like a strange aeroplane, i think it's a UFO!" At first i ddn't trust him, but he kept convincing me and the other that he didn't tell a lie. I tried to trust him and looked at the sky.What i saw is the strangest aeroplane that i've ever seen. That aeroplane was flying in low altitude, but i couldn't hear it's sound at all. It was so strange, because usually if i saw an aeroplane, it would make a noise although it flew at a high altitude. That aeroplane was glowing some colorful light around it's bottom surface And the most strange thing is that mysterious aeroplane flew in a random pattern of movement, sometime it move forward, sometime in circle movement, sometime it just stop and stand for at least 5 seconds. Unfortunattelly, my N95 camera couldn't give a best shot, so i deleted all the photo take i have taken

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