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Gonzales, LA

Sighted on Thursday 01. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: one minute

Three seperate groups of bright red objects moving in a westerly directionOn December 31, 2008, my family and I were sitting outside of my residence watching the pre-New Year fireworks and waiting for the post New Year, midnight, fireworks celebration. There were about seven of us sitting in the front of my residence. The group consisted of a brother, children, in-law and relatives.The neighbors started the fireworks about mid-night. The continuous exploding of fireworks last for about 9 to 11 minutes. At the end of the firecrackers exploding, our attention was drawn to the southeastern sky. Flying in a westerly direction were several unknown objects. The first formation consisted of four objects. Three of these appeared to be in some type of symetrical formation and the fourth one of this group was alone. These four objects were red in color and we could not see any blinking lights nor could we hear any noise coming from this group. They objects were low enough that we should have been able to hear whether or not they were of a fixed wing aircraft or rotor aircraft.Behind this group of four we noticed two others and either a single or a third group of two objects. All of the objects were similar in nature in that they all displayed a red light, none displayed any flashing lights. We could not see any color that would be visible on an aircraft; green on one side or a solid white when viewing from the rear.The sky was clear as we could see stars and a partial moon. The wind was blowing from the north. We had a small fire in an outdoor pit and we were sitting in a semi-circle. I myself was sitting with my back to the north, viewing the objects coming from the east, heading westward as if to say they were followig directly over I-10.As the objects moved slightly to a point past 180 to 190 degrees, the objects seemed to just disappear. There were no clouds that would obsecure our view of these objects. The objects in the second and third group disappeared as did the ones in the first group.Members of the viewing group includes a 63 year old registered pharmacist and his wife who is a college graduate and her daughter; my 25 year old son, a college graduate and his wife who is a registered nurse; my sister-in-law who is a photographer; myself, a 55 year old retired state police polygraph examiner and my wife a Licensed Practical Nurse.There was no-one in the group who was intoxicated. I had only had two drinks all night. The only explanation I can give for not hearing any aircraft noise is that our ears were ringing from the fireworks. However, no one in the group could hear any aircraft engine noise nor could we see any flashing lights. As we verbalized our observations.I also submitted an email to a friend of mine who is a dispatcher with the local sheriff's office. The content of that email was to ask him if any other reports concerning these objects were received by sheriff's office. At the time of this writng, I have not heard from him.

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