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Sighted on Wednesday 24. December 2008
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Shape: Fireball | Duration: 2 minutes

Orange colored very bright flying object in the sky low altitude, pulling up.Orange colored very bright flying object in the sky (40-45 degrees angle from me). The object flew from south-west pretty slow and low altitude without flashing and it was totally silent. There was no trail after it. It started changing direction so it finally seemed heading south-east. (About 90 degrees change) At the same time the object pulled up high altitude so it vanished behind clouds. The clouds were very high and thin because of cold weather, -9C (15.8F).There were many observers present there in the cemetery because it was Christmas eve and people leaving candles to the tombs.I took a picture of the UFO with my canon digital camera. Because the object was far away and it was dark it just seems to be an orange spot in the picture but it is real. This was definitely not an airplane nor a helicopter.

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