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Collinsville, MS

Sighted on Wednesday 07. January 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 25 min

I was visiting my brother last night. He lives in a mobile home in the middle of a pasture. There is a logging road that leads down to a large pond. There are trees on each side of the road. My brother and his best friend went outside to smoke leaving me and my sister-in-law inside with the children. They were outside for about five minutes when the called us out to come look at a bright star. I went outside and down the logging road I saw what looked like a large star that was very low. It sat just over the tree line in the horizon. I remembered thinking that it was tear drop shaped. Looked like a tear drop diamond. We were talking about what it could possibly be. We had never seen a star so large and one of us said that even the North Star wouldn't be so low. Maybe it was a planet? We are all strong christians and have never believed in any alien myths or stories so we were talking about any logical explanations. After looking at it for a minute i began to notice red streaks coming out of the bottom. I kept thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me from focusing too much so I turned away and looked back only to see red and blue colors coming from this bright light. My brother then asked if it was moving or if his eyes were playing tricks on him. I looked back at it and the light was moving right to left very quickly. It never moved far enough to disappear behind the trees. At this point we were all a little scared. This was obviously no star nor planet. My brother got out his video camera and began filming. The movements became more noticeable. Diagnol, side to side and up and down. My brother and his friend decided to try to get closer. They began walking down the lane and were not ten feet closer when the light started to BACK AWAY. The light was moving backwards. Me and my sister-in-law were screaming that it was leaving and of course the guys froze in fear and we literally watched this ball of light back away until it was out of sight. As a skeptic If we had watched that light for a while and it never left I would have been convinced it was just a planet or something and that our eyes were playing tricks on us with the lights and movements. But when I saw that thing back away from us I knew that it was nothing of this earth. I don't know what we saw last night but I do know it was either an angel of god or a being from somewhere else. After it left of course we are all looking in the sky in terror and amazement at what we saw and I began to notice planes EVERYWHERE. It was dark of course and it was a very clear night. But I counted eight planes. When I commented on this to everyone else they brushed it off as it being a clear night and there's always that many planes, I just never noticed it. But I did count 9 planes and they were headed in the same direction as the light.

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