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Dublin (Ireland)

Sighted on Thursday 01. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 60 seconds

Orange Light UFO Over Beaumont, Artane, Dublin Ireland.Just after the fireworks end, 11years old son has notice a Strange Orange light and he call me to see it.... It was very strange Huge Orange light flying very slow about 30 km/h and very low, about 50-60 meters in the sky.. It was making NO Noise whatsoever. It was NO some chinese lamp, or some fireworks.. Me and my family of 6 was looking at it. WE NEVER sow something like that.. it was flying over our house in Beaumont, Artane, in Dublin. I hear my neighbours also asking them self what was that...?!...This is our 1st time to see something like that.. We are 100% sure that this thing was something out of this world!!! It has disapear in mater of second in the sky...The next day I have search the google to check did somebody else sow it.. and it was there many people who sow the same Orange light. some of them claim to have so 2 orange light. I also find the Report from Australia from 03/01/2009 who sow the same Orange lights and also the Australian Army jets have chasing them..The Report says: "MILITARY exercises may explain sightings of a mysterious orange light in Central Australia in recent days. Military exercises spark UFOs The Northern Territory News understands a group of people who live at Ali Curung, an Aboriginal community not far from well-known UFO haunt Wycliffe Well, had seen the strange phenomenon from their front porch at about 4am on Saturday. Several of the group watched as a huge orange ball hovered for an estimated 20 minutes before being chased by what appeared to be four fighter aircraft. Wycliffe Well owner Lou Farkas said some mentioned their UFO experience the next day when they came in for coffee. "They had all just come in on a bus from Alice Springs and none of them had been drinking," he said. "Apparently the light hovered for a while and then three other objects that looked like fighter planes trailed it and were joined by another plane. "Then the orange light just disappeared into nowhere - they thought it was quite unusual, especially with the other lights that appeared to be aircraft joining in." Advertisement: A US military spokeswoman said it was quite possible the stargazers had witnessed a military exercise. Story source www.news.com.au " The photos on the story was the same light we seen. The link is: http://www.ufodigest.com/sparks.html I can send to you the photos if something is wrong with the link..The Same Orange light was seen from all over the world..: Germany, Africa, Hungary, America,Australia, England ( even damage the wind turbine..), e.t.c.

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Wicklow (Rathnew County)(Rep. of Ireland) 2014-06-06 Circle 01:30
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Dundalk, Louth (Ireland) 2011-11-30 Blimp, Circle, Sphere Undisclosed
Dundalk, Louth (Ireland) 2011-11-29 Triangle Undisclosed
Mullingar (Ireland) 2011-11-25 Unknown photo
Dublin, County Dublin (Ireland) 2011-10-09 Circle 01:10:10
Dublin, Maine (Ireland) 2011-08-06 Disc 00:05:00
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Newry, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom) 2010-10-15 Circle, Disc Undisclosed
Wicklow, County Wicklow (Ireland) 2010-10-04 Triangle 00:22:00
Dublin, County Dublin (Ireland) 2010-09-24 Other Undisclosed
Wicklow, County Wicklow (Ireland) 2010-09-12 Square, Rectagular 00:00:50
Annalong 2010-08-30 Fireball 5 minutes
Dublin (Ireland) 2010-08-15 Disk 1 minute
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Courtown (Ireland) 2010-04-10 Oval 2 min
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Dublin (Ireland) 2009-11-27 Formation 10
Drogheda, County Louth (Ireland) 2009-10-31 Other Undisclosed
Haggardstown, Co. Louth, Ireland 2009-10-29 Triangle 3 seconds
Dublin (Ireland) 2009-09-28 Egg 3minutes
Dublin (Ireland) 2009-06-28 Light 30 mins
Dublin (Ireland) 2009-06-16 Sphere 10 sec
Gorey, County Wexford (Ireland) 2009-05-29 Unknown Undisclosed
Dublin, County Dublin (Ireland) 2009-03-18 Disc, Sphere Undisclosed
Dublin (Ireland) 2009-01-05 Formation 30 Seconds