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Carvoeiro (Portugal)

Sighted on Saturday 14. February 2009
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 10 minutes

Very Bright yellow light high in the sky in AlgarveMe and my girl friend left our house in Carvoeiro Algarve at approx 21.30. The first thing we noticed in the sky was a bright pinpoint of light much brighter than a star, it was far away and I assumed it was Venus but it troubled me because I have never seen Venus so bright. We both looked at it during our walk for about 10 minutes. We made several tests to see if there was any movement, making a comparison with nearby stars. It was stationary. It was so bright that it gave a star burst effect and it was difficult to eliminate the star burst effect to ascertain just what it was.We both agreed it was not round but elongated, we continued our walk to a nearby hotel. Buildings began to interfere with our view of the object, at this point we made a decision to continue to the hotel with the hope that we could view it from the rear of the hotel, as it turned out we couldn't, again it was obscured by buildings.We stayed in the hotel for about 1 hour, when we returned to the last siting position it was gone. There was no trace of it anywhere in the area of the sky where it was, this object was not an aircraft as there was no flashing lights just a very bright, yellowish, stable, elongated light, approx 4 times the brightness of Venus on a good night.

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