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Ray City, GA

Sighted on Saturday 10. January 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 1 second

Strange unknow light in photograph.On January 10th around 19:30 hours, we were preparing for the fireworks show at the city field. I was showing my wife how to use the zoom controls on her camera and how it will blur and image if there is not enough light. I took a series of three photographs in a row. When we played them back there was an unknown light in the shy in the first photograph and nothing in the other two. When we got them home and looked at them on the computer we could see that their was a tale coming from the light source and it appeared in the photograph to be streaking across the shy. Their was eight other people with us at the time and no one including me saw anything in the shy. One of the people in my group was a VPD officer and he did not see anything either. I can not explain the light in the shy and hoping you may have an answer. This is the second case in two months in the area, the first was very visible.

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