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Elko, NV

Sighted on Saturday 31. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 20 mimutes

Two stationary red lights spotted by multiple persons flashing over Elko Nevada.There were two red lights over Elko Airport. They were well elevated and appeared stationary. I tried to take a picture but all I had was my cell phone camera and the light did not pick up on the camera. I drove back to work—about 3 miles away. The lights remained. I had a coworker shut down the parking lot lights and he visually confirmed by him. I called home, which is about 10-15 mile away and my 17 year old son and my wife could see them also. They may have drifted eastwards. They seemed to flash. One disappeared and the other remained for several minutes. It then flashed and disappeared. There elevation was hard to determine, but were not low as they were visible over terrain that rises bout 1000 ft over the valley floor. As for the observers, we are both US Govt employees. We also received calls from two unknown individuals requesting information and if we had any equipment in the sky, which we did not. We are both educated and on the job while this happened.

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