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Egan, LA

Sighted on Friday 20. February 2009
Reported on
Shape: Diamond | Duration: 30 sec

Diamond Light Near Egan, LA.I was traveling East on Interstate 10, just as I exited #76, I notice a light that was diamonded shaped with a trail (kind of like a streamer) that was green in color pass over and ahead of me. It was bigger than a basketball – but smaller than a medicine ball. I am going to guess it was around 200 ft off the ground. Now, my ramp takes me off the highway a little to the south then back to the east to a stop sign. I saw it drift through the air moving a little south then back towards the east…as it dipped down over the lights of the Petro:2 Truck Stop it came back up a little and just disappeared- just like the it been flipped off. It was mostly clear outside with cool temps. I looked around the cab of my truck to make sure that I didn’t see any reflections. I saw no reason to for it to be other than what I say. Although the sign at exit 76 does not say Egan-for my purposes as a trucker-that is the town-used. I will add this tho- I have seen this kind of light before on two other occasions in Kansas and near Raton, NM.

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