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brunswick, GA

Sighted on Friday 16. January 2009
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: drive-by

huge triangular object with red pulsating lightsOn Friday Jan. 16th 2009 I was driving on I-95 north heading to Savannah GA coming from Florida. I'm not positive on what town I was in but I was not in GA for too long before the encounter. It was close to 8 o'clock pm maybe a few minutes past. There was a pack of 18 wheelers 1/4 mile in front of me and a group of about 15 cars 1/2 mile behind me. I looked up and saw something out of the ordinary. On I-95 there are towers with red flashing lights and are triangular in shape. The object I saw was very similar but had to have been at least 300 yards long. The object was about 50 feet high give or take. The whole object was straight and flat, there were no curves of any sort. It was shaped like a wedge with 4 lights on each side and 3 in the back all evenly spaced and rectangular in shape. Also there were lights in the top but they were only turning on and off. The lights on the corners wrapped around both sides. All the lights were red. The lights on the bottom were pulsating from dim to bright and the lights on the top were turning on and off all at the same time. The side walls of this object seemed to be metal. The only thing I can relate the look to is the movie "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy". I am 100% positive that I saw what I saw, first of all I drove under it on the highway and second the group of cars that were behind me had slowed down considerably when they had gotten in view of it. I hope that another witness finds this website to validate my sighting.

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