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Suzhou (China)

Sighted on Sunday 25. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 0:15

three ufo over Suzhou china during new yearWhile watching the city fire works during the new year, I noticed 2 very bright lights flying slow from north to south, I estimate the speed to be 75 to 100kts at 2000 feet.Object 1 turned east at right angle to flight object 2 continued towards the north.Approximately 3 min later a third object appeared flying north and directly over our house, see video. All three objects changed colour from red to blue to orange.The third object was flying at approx 1500 feet and at 75-100kts. While the was a lot of noise from the fireworks no sound was heard from the objects.These were defiantly not airplanes or helicopters, Suzhou has 1 blimp seen several times this year, however the speed was to high and the ones we have seen before have a distinct high pitch noise.

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