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Mayrhofen (Austria)

Sighted on Saturday 17. January 2009
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 1 Minute

Red circle craft sighted over Mayrhofen, Austria. Outer border was bright with a bright dot at it's centre.My brother and I had arrived in Mayrhofen, Austria for our skiing holiday. Our sighting happened on our first evening whilst stepping outside to the balcony to smoke a cigarette.The red circle as it appeared to us in the sky appeared over the mountain horizon and continued upwards, sometimes moving very slightly to the left or right. It continued to move slowly and then gained speed and moved still upwards. As it gained speed it grew fainter until the light had disappeared from sight.We took a video although this was low quality. However upon examining the photograph taken, the red circle was brightest at it's centre with a bright outer border. There were no visible trails of exhaust from any propulsion. The light remained constant for the entire sighting and there were no additional lights or flashes.I've searched the internet and found nothing similar...I will forward the photograph to this website as evidence of the sighting.

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