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Brandon, MS

Sighted on Monday 23. February 2009
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 60 min

The objects were an oval shape lights. The moved in and out of the sky then they started to break off from a bigger light.On 02-23-2009 a friend and I witness some strange lights in the sky. We were leaving Brandon, MS and on our way back to school in Starkville, MS. The drive is around 110 miles. We were about 15 miles outside of Brandon when I started to see the light. In my front windshield while I was driving, I started to see two long white objects dot in and out the sky. It was like they were moving in and out the sky or in between the clouds. During this time my friend girl did not notice them because she was busy on the phone. After about 10 to 15 min. the disappeared from the front windshield. I didn’t want to say anything to my friend about them because I did not want her to think I was crazy. As soon as she got off the phone she asked me did I see the 4 lights going in and back and forth. They had move to the passenger side of the car. When she said that I started to freak out. I told her I seen the earlier in the front windshield but it was only 2. She started to hold the steering wheel for me while I look behind me. The were like 4 white bluish light that were oval shape. They looked an little different in shape when they were in my front windshield. The looked like 2 white bluish lights that were long.At first we thought it might have been a light tower somewhere near by but I knew it wasn’t because I come back and forth on this road at night ever weekend. The lights trailed us for about 60min or 60 miles outside of Brandon. At one point and time, it looked like we were passing them but the caught back up with us in about 5 min. I believe we would have been able to see them a little better if it wasn’t cloudy. I knew it wasn’t a light house because as soon as we come in Starkville there is a tower that shines a light that goes around. It was so cloudy that when we made it to Starkville we couldn’t really see the beam the light house was putting out. These light were going in and out of each other. It seemed like their was a light in the center that the other lights attach from. I believe in UFO’s but I couldn’t believe I seen something like this in real life. My friend girl didn’t even believe in UFO’s but this night made her a believer. I think it was either some government official stuff or it was the real thing. I’m now scared to leave Brandon at night to go back to school. I think I will be leaving during the day time hours now!!!

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