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Baker, LA

Sighted on Friday 30. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 10min

There was a very bright Crescent shape light as wide as a house that faded into a smaller red/orange light.I was drawn to look out of my living room window at approx 23:00 hrs. There was a very bright Crescent shape light about 1/2 mile into the woods just under the tree line and as wide as a house.I live just north of the Baton Rouge metro airport and thought it was a plane. I walked outside to get a better perspective. I realized there was no sound. If this was a plane it would have been rattling my house. Not to mention, it would have been moving. It was completely stationary. It just hovered there in the woods and began to change the color of a harvest moon (orange). The brightness of the light was not as intense as this time passed.By this time I decided to get my video camera to show my husband what I saw. While I was scrambling to find it, the light was fading. The camera disc was full. So, I just stood and watched it shrink smaller and fade into a red/orange light the size of my hand.It was strange how it shrunk and faded. It just faded down to the center of the original light source. no sounds, just complete silence. The whole thing lasted about 10-15 min. Then the light was gone.We are in the winter season here and the trees are bare from hurricane Gustav and the cold. So the visiblity through the woods was pretty clear.My father is retired Chief of police for the Baton Rouge airport. I called he to see if this could have been some sort of exercise, runway lights, something. He said I lived too far north of the airport to experience any of these things. So that's why I am reporting this Unidentified hovering light experience. I even checked to see if there was a lunar eclipse that night, Since what I witnessed was in the west.

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