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Shelter Cove, CA

Sighted on Monday 02. February 2009
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 20 min

2 orange lites slowly coming off the pacific ocean, upon reaching land, seem to vanish in a hazeGPS= 40.12561*N 124.02551*S 23:15pm--23:30pm land temp 34*F Went out to close gate and took a minute to star gaze at the exceptional clear sky, looking toward the west over the pacific ocean I saw 2 orange lights close together moving off the pacific toward the east It was going very slow no sound @ approx 3000 ft. from sea level and heading toward my ranch (1500ft. above sea level)still couldn't see a craft just orange lights. I blinked my large flashlight 2 times..pause..2times again(Navy Seals communicate this way @ night)instantly it changed direction a bit SE and as it moved off the pacific over the ridge it seem to vanish in a haze and never came out of the haze heading east! I stayed looking for about 1/2hr and saw nothing. This was NOT a aircraft, small plane, drone, chopper, sat. or weather balloon. (All of which I'm very familiar with) I'm not a UFO nut or druggie just a regular guy that finds it hard to believe in all this stuff, although my mom and I saw a bright light with no tail, moving across the southern sky in the early 50's in south Miami Fl. that was never ID'd! One theory I have on this recent sighting is the craft produced some kind of Hologram in the haze that made it appear like it vanished!! (BWDIK) The stars looked like Led lights that night so the orange lights really stood out, and so did the hair on my body!! So now every night weather permitting I mill around for this to show up again with no avail so far.

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