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Hengelo (The Netherlands)

Sighted on Saturday 14. February 2009
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Shape: Fireball | Duration: 2 minutes?

Rotating fireball changes direction and speed, with a rotating arm.We first saw the object as a VERY bright orange object in the sky, slightly larger than what Venus looks like on a clear night with the naked eye. I pointed to the sky and said, "Wow, look at Mars!" or something like that. Then the object got brighter and started to move a little bit to the east. We were intruiged and kept watching, and then the object began to change speed and move more to the north, before speeding up significantly and then curving towards the east again. It was orange and bright at first, but once it started moving north it faded to a dull orange color and was not bright anymore. It also did this pulsing, circular movement -- there was a brighter spot that kept circling around and around, as if it was an arm or an extension of the object that was rotating. It had only one arm that we could see. Like a spoke on a wheel or something -- but one side would rotate faster than the other side. Have you received any other sightings like this? It was so strange!

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Emmen (Netherlands) 2003-12-09 ± 1 hour
Muenster (Germany) 2003-12-06 Unknown 5 minutes
Westerbork (Netherlands) 2003-10-26
Apeldoorn (Netherlands) 2003-08-04 Disk 1 min
Hattem (Netherlands) 2003-03-06 Other 5 seconds
Bunschoten (Netherlands) 2003-02-17 Light unknown
Renkum (Netherlands) 2003-02-10 Circle 30 seconds
Raalte (Netherlands) 2002-08-16 Light about 5 minutes
Lelystad (Netherlands) 2002-06-17 Fireball 25 sec
Wierden (Netherlands) 2002-02-08 Light 8 minutes
Ermelo (Netherlands) 2002-01-29 Changing 2 min.
Almelo (Netherlands) 2000-10-06 Triangle 10 seconds
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Deventer, Overijssel (Netherlands) 1998-04-27 Triangle 30-45 seconds
Bochum (Germany) 1997-07-03 Triangle ca. 2min
Putten, Gelderland (Netherlands) 1997-02-27 Disc 00:01:00
Amersfoort, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 1990-02-03 Blimp, Cone, Chevron, Triangle 00:02:17
Meppel (Netherlands), DC 1988-05-01 Cone 1.5 seconds
Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) 1976-08-16 Cylinder 00:03:30