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Manila (Philippines)

Sighted on Friday 23. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 5 minutes

ANOTHER V-FORMATION UFO SIGHTINGAfter seeing a movie at a local mall, my buddy and I decided to head off to the elevated parking area where my car was parked. We would normally smoke a couple of cigarettes before getting into the car and head home.While we were smoking, we saw 6 triangular shaped aircrafts in an arrow like (V) formation hovering in the skyline over a couple of buildings which was about 500 meters from where we were. It was moving at a slow pace horizontally. There weren’t different colors flashing, nor sound coming from them, it was just glowing with a pale white glow. It vanished after hovering over a hotel building.After reading some of the similar reports here, I now know that what we saw that night is a phenomenon that’s been seen in other countries as well. Could this be part of operation blue light?((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2019-04-21 Circle 00:20:00
Silang, Calabarzon (Philippines) 2019-01-20 Sphere 03:00:00
Makati, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2018-10-23 Disc 00:05:00
Pasig, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2018-10-18 Disc
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2018-05-05 Square, Rectangular 00:05:00
Dasmariñas, Calabarzon (Philippines) 2018-03-02 Triangle 00:03:00
Caloocan, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2017-11-24 Disc 00:01:00
Angeles City, Pampamga (Philippines) 2017-05-01 Square, Rectangular 00:03:00
Malolos City (Philippines), 2017-04-10 Sphere Few seconds
Mandaluyong City, NCR, Philippines 2017-02-22 Conical (changes from circular to triangular) more than an hour
Batangas City, Calabarzon, Philippines 2017-02-17 Circle 10-15 minutes
Calamba (Philippines) 2016-11-15 Four round red/green lights 5 mins
Las Pinas, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2016-07-29 Egg 00:05:00
Bacoor (Cavite)(Philippines), 2016-06-21 Circle 20:00
Rizal (Mindanao) (Philippines), 2016-05-17 Disk 5 minutes
Batangas city (Philippines) 2016-03-15 Not sure if it is triangular in shape 15-30 mins
Parañaque, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2016-02-05 Blimp Undisclosed
Mandaluyong, Manila (Philippines) 2016-01-14 Crescent Moonlike Not sure, when I came out our house (we live at the 4th floor so everything from the below and above is seen ) maybe it lasted 5 minutes
Parañaque, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2015-12-25 Disc Undisclosed
Manila (Philippines) 2015-12-25 Disc 2 minutes
Cavite (Philippines) 2015-10-09 Oval 10 seconds
Santa Rosa (Laguna)(Philippines) 2015-09-19 Triangle 40 seconds
Pampangga, Central Luzon (Philippines) 2015-04-26 Triangle Undisclosed
San Jose, Calabarzon (Philippines) 2014-10-08 Star-like Undisclosed
Quezon City (Philippines) 2014-04-21 Light 2-3 seconds
San Pablo (Philippines) 2013-12-31 Fireball 2 minutes
Pasig, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-12-26 Triangle 00:10:00
metro manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-10-27 Saturn-like, Sphere 12:01:01
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-10-26 Egg 12:18:01
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-10-25 Disc, Flash, Oval 12:59:01
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-10-22 Blimp, Boomerang, Bullet, Missile, Cigar, Cone, Chevron, Circle, Cross, Cylinder, Diamond, Disc, Egg, Fireball, Flash, Oval, Saturn-like, Sphere, Star-like, Teardrop, Triangle, Other, Unknown 00:06:15
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-10-19 Circle, Disc, Egg, Oval 00:02:55
Paranaque, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-10-17 Diamond Undisclosed
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-30 Chevron, Circle, Diamond, Egg, Flash, Saturn-like, Other 00:01:08
Manila (Philippines)), AL 2013-09-26 Oval
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-25 Chevron, Diamond, Disc, Flash, Oval 00:00:09
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-25 Cigar, Cone, Chevron, Circle, Cross, Cylinder, Diamond, Disc, Fireball, Flash, Oval, Saturn-like, Sphere, Other 04:01:59
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-25 Star-like, Unknown 00:00:02
Las Piñas City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-12 Circle, Unknown 00:18:59
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-10 Circle, Oval, Unknown 00:01:15
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-08 Chevron, Circle, Cylinder, Disc, Egg, Oval, Saturn-like, Sphere 00:01:02
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-07 Chevron, Egg, Oval 00:00:01
Las Piñas City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-07 Blimp, Boomerang, Bullet, Missile, Cigar, Cone, Chevron, Circle, Cross, Cylinder, Diamond, Disc, Egg, Fireball, Flash, Oval, Saturn-like, Sphere, Star-like, Teardrop, Triangle, Other, Unknown 00:01:01
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-07 Blimp, Bullet, Missile, Cone, Chevron, Cross, Diamond, Egg, Fireball, Unknown 00:00:02
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-09-05 Blimp, Oval, Star-like 01:05:59
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-08-19 Circle, Egg, Oval, Saturn-like 00:01:00
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-08-19 Oval, Star-like, Unknown 00:01:00
Las Piñas City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-08-15 Blimp, Circle, Disc, Oval 02:03:02
Calabarzon (Philippines) 2013-07-24 Formation ~2.5
Retiro, Quezon City (Philippines) 2013-07-08 Oval 5-8mins
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-05-22 Oval, Sphere, Triangle Undisclosed
Manila (Philippines) 2013-03-16 Changing 5 minutes
Pasig City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2013-01-15 Triangle Undisclosed
Bulacan, Central Luzon (Philippines) 2012-12-20 Fireball Undisclosed
GMA (area K) (Philippines) 2012-12-18 Light 10-20 minutes
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2012-05-27 Sphere Undisclosed
Cainta, CALABARZON (Philippines) 2012-05-19 Sphere, Triangle, Other Undisclosed
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2012-02-22 Disc, Other Undisclosed
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2012-02-22 Disc, Other Undisclosed
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2012-02-22 Disc, Other Undisclosed
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2012-01-21 Circle, Fireball, Star-like 00:07:00
Pla (Philippines), 2011-11-01 Triangle 30-60 seconds
York, MA 2011-07-27 Fireball 5 min
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2011-06-27 Circle, Diamond, Oval, Sphere Undisclosed
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2011-05-25 Boomerang, Chevron Undisclosed
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2011-02-15 Boomerang Undisclosed
Quezon City, Manila (Philippines) 2011-01-01 Round 1 minute
San Pascual (Philippines) 2010-06-26 Light 15 mins?
Parañaque City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2010-05-10 Cigar, Triangle Undisclosed
Angeles City (Philippines) 2010-03-16 Disk 8-10sec
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2010-03-08 Diamond, Disc, Triangle, Unknown Undisclosed
Paranaque (Philippines) 2010-01-28 Triangle
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2009-06-21 Square, Rectagular Undisclosed
Manila (Philippines) 2009-03-14 Circle 1 minute
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2009-03-05 Circle Undisclosed
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2009-03-04 Disc, Oval 00:30:00
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2009-03-04 Disc, Oval Undisclosed
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2008-01-03 Disc, Oval Undisclosed
Orion Nebula 2007-09-21 Cigar
South Central Iraq 2007-06-15 Cone App. 30 minutes
Santa Rosa City, CALABARZON (Philippines) 2007-05-20 Bullet, Missile, Fireball 00:04:00
Butong, Taal, Batangas (Philippines) 2007-03-17 Disk 2 Minutes
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 2007-02-19 Unknown Undisclosed
Batangas (Philippines) 2007-02-12 Sphere 10-12 mins
Pasay (Philippines) 2007-01-01 Disk 1 minute
Marikina (Philippines) 2006-12-31 Circle 2 hrs & 45 min.
Mandaluyong (Philippines) 2004-11-02 Disk 5 minutes
Manila (Philippines) 2004-05-14 Triangle 3 seconds
Quezon City (Philippines) 2003-04-02 Disk 5mins.
Las Pinas (Philippines) 2001-04-09 Oval 5 mins
Antipolo, Calabarzon (Philippines) 2000-11-05 Disc 00:05:00
Pasig City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 1999-10-31 Oval Undisclosed
Manila (Philippines) 1998-06-01 Other 5 minutes
Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) 1997-10-12 Star-like 00:00:20
Manila, Metro Manila (Philippines) 1993-12-23 Circle, Star-like Undisclosed
Parañaque, Metro Manila (Philippines) 1992-09-22 Disc 00:05:00
Olongopo City (Philippines) 1987-09-15 Triangle 30 min
Olongapo 1978-04-15 Sphere 20-30 min.
Los Banos, Laguna (Philippines) 1977-10-19 Unknown 1 minute