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Hermosillo (Mexico)

Sighted on Saturday 07. March 2009
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 20 sec

I have captured a strange and inexplicable light when I took a photo from the moon in in the north of MexicoDesire to share with you an image that I have taken during the night of the past Saturday in the environs from Hermosillo Sonora Mexico, so I send to [email protected] image has been taken with a camera NIKON D-60 in format RAW with the following characteristics: Objective VR 18-55mm Focal length 18mm Diaphragm f/3.5 Speed of clogging 20 seconds 19:50 hours of Saturday 07 of March of 2009 Coordinates: 29, 13' 05.87" N - 110, 51' 32.18"W.I have decided to share of first hand this image with you, because I consider that a professional and serious approach is due to look for the individual. I wait for your commentaries.

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