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((everywhere)), CA

Sighted on Wednesday 04. March 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: all day

This is a POS site that does not report real sightings. I really question this site. Let me know different.I like how my complaints to your announcements are for some reason deleted. Obviously something is wrong here. I don't know why but my sightings are for some reason ignored and/or never allowed any way to discuss them. Why they aren't made public, even though independent sources have identified it? In addition, no one even writes a response as to why. Responses are fine, but not even a response such as " We get a lot of responses and unfortunately we don't have room for your sighting". I am really starting to wonder about your organization because it takes a minimum of time to post my sighting. I am also upset because I spent ample time writing to your normal UFO post and it was simply deleted for some lame reason.((NUFORC Note: We post virtually all seriou

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Val Rita, Ontario (Canada) 2020-04-22 Sphere 01:45:00
Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada 2020-01-19 Disk with lights all around it 2h
Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario (Canada) 2015-07-28 Disc Undisclosed
Moonbeam (Canada), ON 2014-08-22 Fireball 45 seconds
Moonbeam (Canada), ON 2014-08-22 Fireball 45 seconds
Moonbeam, ON 2013-12-15 Circle on going
Moonbeam, ON 2013-12-01 Light on going
Kapuskasing, Ontario (Canada) 2013-08-16 Oval Undisclosed
Everywhere, CA 2012-01-12 Other days and nights
Kapuskasing, Ontario (Canada) 1982-07-31 Flash Undisclosed