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Wendell, ID

Sighted on Saturday 31. January 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 10-15 minutes

Bright red/orange lights move into diagonal formationMy three friends and I were driving about on the country roads out north of Wendell close to the highway that leads to Hagarman when we spotted a very bright light in the sky to the south of us. It got very bright and then disappeared, which it did a few times until it stayed bright. (My radar detector went off saying K band like crazy each time that the light appeared and then would stop after it disappeared.) I have grown up in this area and my radar does not usually go off in that area and it didnt go off the next day when I went back to the same spot so it must've been picking up something that was emitted from the light. It would also be worthy to note that this light was very close to the ground, and from my perspective I would say it was no higher than a three story building.) Then, from the original light, came three others that branched out into a diagonal line formation, the lowest light being at the right and the highest at the left...somewhat like this -> \ (we had no idea that there was other lights behind the first until they appeared; it was as if they were "turned off" until they came into action). These lights were redish orange and hovered in place. When they moved into the diagonal formation it was precise and quick. The entire sighting happened over a ten minute period or so, and then the lights just disappeared. After waiting around for about an hour for the lights to reappear we gave up looking and went home. We all got a very good look at these lights and there is no way that they could have been any sort of aircraft. Also, I would like to state that my friends and I had/have been noticing very similar lights in the sky that would become very bright and then disappear but this sighting is the only one in which the lights moved about into a formation. P.S. The reason that I havent put this on here until now is because i had no idea that this website existed!!! We were all very freaked out and the whole radar detector thing made it even more eerie!

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